The Tech-Match program is a program run by FundingBox and BloxHub, financed by RealDania, which aims to support cooperation between Danish companies in the construction sector and European technology companies.

The Ennogie company is a dynamically developing manufacturer of solar roof solutions with comprehensive installation, which conquers the Danish market thanks to the high quality and amazing design of its panels, batteries, and meters. This design and the quality of products have been awarded many times in many industry competitions.

Together, we will develop a solution that is a perfect product for a housing association or individual resident. The solar installation will be expanded with a platform for collecting and distributing data, determining production data, and configuring smart meters. The platform will enable the billing and analysis of energy production, and thus will ultimately allow energy balancing of the facility using battery solutions and heat pump control.

We will be responsible for the web platform for the operator, the mobile application for the owners of the facilities, and the software for the smart meter for communication with cloud solutions. As part of the solution, we will use new LTE technologies to wirelessly connect the roof with a cloud solution.

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