Project goals:

  • increasing the energy efficiency of buildings supplied with heat from municipal heating systems
  • implementation of an advanced heat consumption control system in buildings using artificial intelligence
  • integration of distributed renewable heat sources with system heat (with heat nodes)
  • reducing the peak heat load of heating systems by changing the customers' heat receiving profile
  • providing customers with a range of information on heat consumption (current and historical)
  • enabling heating companies to improve the competitiveness of heat supply by offering new services to customers

The task of the IT system will be:

  • automatic and remote realization of desired temperature settings inside individual rooms in the building, depending on how it is used
  • implementation of an advanced heating substation control system with different heat sources (heat from the network, heat from renewable energy sources, etc.)
  • limiting the peak heat consumption while providing thermal comfort in buildings
  • optimization of the heating substation's operating parameters
  • interference detection in internal installations
  • providing customers with information on their heat consumption and heat power consumption in real time and in various historical time periods
  • providing recipients with information on the savings they have achieved through the implementation of the system
  • accurate forecasting of the heat demand of buildings