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Inwebit is created by people with a vision.

We have been creating and implementing projects from the IT sector for almost a decade. We work on projects comprehensively, from idea to implementation, and our experience gives us the feeling that we have long gone beyond the framework of a classic software house.

Today, we are a generator of ideas in the field of energy systems using Internet of Things (IoT), e-agriculture (support of modern technologies to optimize harvests or monitoring), or projects in the area of Smart City (intelligent city lamps). The world of technology is changing with us, which is why we are one of the companies that is competent to implement Blockchain technology wherever information dispersion and its non-repudiation (no possibility of change) is crucial.

Over 90% of our solutions are research projects with a very high level of innovation and uniqueness. Our own laboratory of prototype solutions (Internet of Things and industrial devices) allows us to fully implement even most sophisticated, extraordinary ideas.

Do you have an idea that seems unrealistic to implement?

It's perfect! We invite you to talk and cooperate.

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