The real reason for the action was the phenomenon of mass disappears of bees, manifesting itself in the sudden and mass disappear of worker bees in colony in unclear and unexplored circumstances.

The technological solutions used in the intelligent hive are to identify the source of this phenomenon through monitoring this threat in real time.

Bee Monitor is a project that supports beekeepers in supervising the life of bees in an apiary and allows them to monitor beehive parameters such as weight, temperature, humidity, sound. In this way, recognizing life-threatening environmental changes.

Research deals with many fields of science, from mathematical algorithms and optimization issues, to econometric tools for cluster and correlation analysis, to complex IT solutions and direct cooperation with the scientific community related to the study of bee life.

Smart beehive is not only to help beekeepers work, but above all to try to find the answer to the question of why Colony Collapse Disorder occurs.