One of the research areas was the development of the information structure in Blockchain technology and the creation of maximally ergonomic mobile applications for effective price negotiation, including the development of mechanisms for monitoring all system transactions and making payments. To ensure the continuity of the solution, it was also necessary to conduct research and introduce mechanisms to restore the Blockchain node after a failure.

The system allows tracking transactions using tokens. Each purchase / sale transaction is reflected in the Blockchain network. As a result, the information is undeniable (it is not possible to change the transaction once saved) and its dispersion (several nodes storing the exact log of all transactions carried out in the Blockchain network). A private Blockchain was designed for the project purpose - access to such a chain is only for those who have been granted such permissions.

The auction can be managed from anywhere in the world with Internet access using a mobile device. For this purpose, an administrator support application has been designed to monitor all user activities and transactions. The whole was implemented using the Amazon cloud.